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​What Is AG925

AG-925 is a nano-sized inorganic substance with porous structure and more than 95% porosity. Its extremely low thermal conductivity makes it excellent in thermal insulation and flame retardant. Therefore, in the building materials industry, the thermal insulation composite material can more effectively solve the problem of energy saving in buildings, and its thin and light characteristics also provide solutions for heat insulation in special parts.

Nano-porous materials

From Heat


Our Advantages


Good fire



Nanotechnology insulation theory


Light texture,
it can be applied to a variety of building materials


Eco friendly energy saving material

Application of AG-925

on Building Materials

AG-925 can be used in coatings to make insulation coatings with thermal insulation effect, which can be used in the heat insulation of external walls, and can be applied to the internal walls of buildings to achieve heat preservation effects. It has good two-way insulation effect in cold or hot environment. In addition to being made into paint, it can also be made into plate materials, which is used as a floor wall decoration material, effective in fire resistance and light weight makes the application of building materials more diverse.

Fireproof Coating

Fireproof Plate


Appearance: white powder

Solubility: water insoluble

Specific gravity: 0.06~0.10 g/mL

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.025~0.030 W/mK

Operating temperature: -200℃~900℃

Physical Property

of AG-925

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