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Can The Insulating Paint Be White Only?

Sunlight contains ultraviolet, visible light, and near-infrared light, which is transmitted in the form of radiation. Brings a lot of thermal energy, and reflections occur when objects of different colors are illuminated.

Among them, white has the highest reflection ability. Therefore, traditional insulation paints mostly use white for the most insulating effect.

Uplus Is Outstanding

Color choices available

Colors can be adjusted to meet needs without affecting insulation ability.

Nano technology - Insulating theory

Reflects heat and reduces heat transfer speed

Eco friendly & weather resistance


Very high weather resistance material

Nano Technology - Insulating Theory

The solar radiation energy is reflected through the pigment and additive in the thermal insulation paint. The extremely low heat conduction coefficient of the hollow ceramic beads reduces the heat transfer. Therefore, it greatly decreases room temperature and provides a more comfortable environment.

IR Rejection

From Sunlight


Hollow ceramic beads

Time to Eliminate The Conventional Roof Insulation Method

The traditional roof insulation method is generally painted with traditional heat-insulating white paint, laying insulation bricks or corrugated metal roofing sheets.
The cost is often very high and the high reflectivity of white paint will indirectly affect the surrounding line of sight.

Traditional White Insulation Paint​

Insulating Brick

Metal Roofing


  • Short weather resistance

  • High glare

  • ​Low insulation capability


  • High material costs

  • Cracking

  • ​High installation costs


  • High material costs

  • Illegal building issue

  • ​Low insulation capability

Advantages of Our Insulating Paint

  • Effectively reduce the surface temperature over 20 degrees.

  • Diversified than traditional insulation paint, in line with design aesthetics.

  • Uplus provides a variety of colors and maintains high insulation.

  • Eco friendly & weather resistance & good value.

  • ​It can be used on a variety of building material surfaces.

  • ​Also can be used on hypermarket’s roof parking lot.


10 years

of durability

High insulation capability

Wide range

of applications

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