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Uplus:Taiwan Seizes Business Opportunities through Promoting Plastic Reduction & Energy Conservation

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 16 September 2019

Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), and TAITRA held Taiwan Expo in Malaysia on July 5-6, 2019. In addition to the theme of Industry 4.0 and Smart City, a Taiwan Green Products Pavilion was also setup by GTPO to showcase Taiwan’s innovative green technology from 10 companies. In Malaysia, green business is a trend and the green industry is being strongly promoted by the Malaysian government. Since 2010, the Malaysian government has actively promoted the green industry and established the “Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)”, which targets four applications: 1. Energy, 2. Water & Waste, 3. Building & Township & 4. Transport. The Penang State government also proposed the “Penang Green Agenda” to transform Penang into the greenest state of Malaysia by 2020 through means of a green economy. The Malaysian market offers tremendous green business opportunities. Last year, the Malaysian government announced that it would ban the use of plastic straws by 2020. According to estimates, Malaysians use at least 31 million plastic straws every day. These plastic straws will be gradually replaced by paper straws or other straws made of decomposable materials. Taiwan exhibitors said that as Malaysia promotes plastic reduction and energy conservation, this has made local buyers interested in products such as paper straws and insulation materials. One such company, Chien Fa Paper Pipe Co., Ltd. started production of small-diameter paper straws two years ago, and 80% of their products are exported to the European, American and Japanese. This year they plan to enter the Southeast Asian market. There were 9 other Taiwanese companies which showcased their innovative products, including Sunfly Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Daylight Tubular Device – lighting while saving energy), NPU Green Energy Research and Development Center, Zirco Applied Materials Co., Ltd. (Uplus Solar Film – thermal insulation materials), among others. It is estimated that 70% of electricity bills are spent on air-conditioning. Zirco's Uplus Solar Film can help reduce electricity usage from air conditioning up to 30%. There’s high enthusiasm for the Malaysian market as Malaysia is hot almost year- round and has strong sunlight. In line with this, GTPO organized Taiwanese companies that offer thermal insulation film, insulation paint and other products for energy saving to exhibit in Malaysia. It was estimated that over 900 people visited the Taiwan Green Pavilion. GTPO will continue to organize various overseas sales activities. In addition, it will continue to provide its "Green Customer Exploration Program", its customized service through the "Green Window" set in the local southbound countries, collecting valuable local business opportunities. To learn more, email:, or visit the website:

Contact Person TAITRA Industry Development Dept., Yu-Ping Wang 02-2725-5200 #1253 Supervisor: TAITRA Industry Development Dept., Felix Chiu 02-2725-5200#1500

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